Day 1

Saturday: June 11, 2016

I woke up half an hour early to pack anything I forgot, but somehow left half an hour later than scheduled (??!) and was even nearly late to board my flight. But even then, I boarded later than I was supposed to because I spaced out and didn’t pay attention haha. So my flight was at 8:40 (an hour later than the time in Annapolis) and arrived in Maryland at about noon. 

It isn’t hard to spot the Midshipmen stationed to pick you up. They’re standing/sitting around baggage claim and direct you to where you’re supposed to go. It isn’t hard to spot a gaggle of kids crowding around a midshipman. After that, I boarded a bus that took us to the Academy. 

Upon arrival we were taken to the big building (used for balls and banquets for the Midshipmen) and received our lanyards and clothes (everything they give you is for you to keep). 

Afterwards, you’re taken to Bancroft hall, where you’ll be living with two other people in a room for the rest of your stay, and told to immediately change into a set of clothes you’re given. When you arrive back onto the Deck after changing, you can choose to hang around and talk with a few Midshipmen or play intramural sports. [Nobody came to pick us up for intramural sports] The Midshipmen I was surrounded with during my stay were mostly nice and caring. They weren’t strict or entirely “stiffs” as I initially thought.

At around 5 pm or so, the squad leaders arrive onto the Deck and begin organizing their platoons and squads. This is very hectic and chaotic at first, nobody knows where to go and everybody’s asking everybody else about groups and such.

After finding the correct herds, there is formation and then the first meal with the squad; dinner. During all three meals of the day, there will be some squads roaming and mingling with different squads.  

You’re given time to reflect and whatnot about your day and write a “Thought Of The Day” to your squad leader. You’re then given ‘personal time’, which you can use  to bond with your squad or shower; your choice. After personal time, there’s a count off performed every night and the nightly serenade of the Navy Blue and Gold song and then sleep. 

You’re gonna need the sleep for the next day.