So today was “Dress Up As You Favorite Character” Day in school today. I went for Mary Poppins but unfortunately could not find a long skirt to match my blazer (thanks, mom).

Thankfully my teacher and friend helped me complete this look by providing me with an umbrella and hat. Without it, I’d be Nanny McPhee or even Clara Oswald. But nonetheless I’ve come to a conclusion that I look like the universal stereotype of an English nanny. Call me The Nanny.

Unfortunately again I cannot fly with umbrellas nor will The Doctor come and whisk me off my feet (still hoping, though). I, however, embody the look of a nanny- so why can’t I go on exciting adventures traveling through the sky? I tell puns (great ones, I’ll add), I yell at children, and enjoy life as much as possible. So what’s my excuse to not having awesome adventures?

Perhaps… It means I’ll have to go on my own adventures- make fun for myself. 

After all, I am The Nanny

Anything can happen if you let it – Mary Poppins