3 Simple Tips: Instantly Better Photos

  • Neutral Backgrounds

Although this may seem obvious, avoid using cluttered backgrounds that clash with subject of photo- unless, of course, the setting is the subject. This is to avoid distracting elements that take attention away from the main focus. Although moving cars, pedestrians, and playful children (and don’t forget photo-bombers) may pose a dangerous threat to taking the perfect picture, sometimes the environment is what characterizes the picture. So choose your background carefully! If possible, settle for something simple and plain (neutral) background.

  • Spacing

Negative and Positive spacing is important. Similar to backgrounds, negative space represents the area around your subject. Positive space refers to your main subject. i.e.; When taking group pictures, it’s awkward to have lots of space in between- uncomfortable, even. And even awkward backgrounds can alter the main focus of the subject. The goal is to use negative spaces to your own advantage. Too much or too little can drastically change your picture. Negative spaces can also refer to light exposure in pictures. Our eyes are automatically attracted to bright things, drawing our attention away. In photos, avoid capturing pictures that draw eyes away from the main focal point.

  • Rule of Thirds


As demonstrated in the image above, divide your view into thirds to form nine equal parts. With the rule of thirds, the goal is to have the main subject of the picture along the red lines (which represent common focal points of a person’s attention). Centered objects in pictures don’t have the same aesthetic and appeal as objects set to the side.


See the difference?

Hopefully this tiny ‘article’ helped- whether it be a lot or just a little.
Thank you for reading.

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